My story

I’ve been making coin rings since 2016. It started out as a hobby and still it’s my favorite hobby. One time, I accidentally discovered on Youtube a clip of someone persistently banging on a coin for more than two hours and getting a ring as a result. Months of research, searching for manufacturing techniques followed, and finally decision, it was worth trying.

With my regular job and two kids, I have little time left to make rings, but when I have one, I’m happy to devote it to creating another interesting ring in my neighbor’s garage.

Aleksej & Tiago

''Such a gift is truly unique and original. We can get it for the price of a bottle of good wine, which is usually our first choice.''

When I see someone happily wearing my ring, I get paid for the hours of work I put into making it.

''Years on the coin are among the most desirable criteria for making a ring. It can be a year of birth, marriage, child birth or special event.''

These rings carry traces of use and time, and have their own story, which can be richly filled with historical content.